Care For Your Fish

Instructions on how to care for a fish that you want to have reproduced or skin mounted.

Reproduction Fish  

The steps for creating a reproduction fish are easy. As soon as you land the fish, take a few good pictures that show the unique features of the fish. It’s nice to have a couple of pictures or more to use when reproducing the fish. Next, have a tape measure handy and 1) measure the length of the fish; and 2) measure the girth around the fattest part of the fish. Then turn the fish loose.

If you don’t have a camera with you at the time you catch the fish, still get the length and girth measurements of fish and then you can find a picture of another fish from a previous photo or a magazine that shows the colors that you would like the fish painted.

Three simple things: 

  • Picture
  • Length Measurement
  • Girth Measurement
Skin Mount Fish  

The following is an effective method for preserving a skin mounted fish. First and foremost, NEVER GUT A FISH TO BE MOUNTED!!!

Once you’ve caught a fish that you want to keep and have skin mounted, if possible, take a few good pictures that show the colors and unique features of the fish. Then take an old towel or t-shirt, get it wet, wring it out, and roll the fish up in the towel or t-shirt. Then put it in a plastic bag and keep it as cool as possible until you can get it frozen in a freezer.

Once you are ready to ship it to FISH DESIGN, contact Garry Blew (509) 276-1794 so that arrangements can be made for receiving the fish. To ship a frozen fish, leave the fish frozen in the wet towel and plastic bag. Then wrap it in a thick layer of newspapers at least one (1”) inch thick or more. Newspaper is an excellent insulator. When ready to ship the fish, pack it up in a box and tightly pack newspaper, Styrofoam, or Styrofoam peanuts.

Ship the fish by 2nd day Air and on a Monday or Tuesday ONLY so that it will arrive with minimal thawing.